Beard Guide for Necklines, Three Reasons to Give a Beard Stencil.

Man with Perfectly Groomed Beard Necklines

A Beard Guide for Necklines

Beard Stencil, the only hands-free beard guide for necklines, is great for more than just your own grooming needs, it makes a perfect gift for a number of different occasions! Beard Stencil allows guys everywhere a chance to really get the style that they want, without the high cost. This, in part, is why it makes such a wonderful gift.  Beard Stencil helps to cut down on expenses while still giving men the perfectly groomed look they want.

Going Away to College

If someone in your life is going away to college, don’t let them leave without a Beard Stencil! In the mad rush of freshman year (or even for those old-hat sophomores), it can be easy to forget to keep facial hair in check, and very difficult to afford a trip to the barber. Instead, send them off with a beard stencil, the perfect beard guide for necklines, and they can do it themselves!

Starting a New Job

When starting a new job, you want to look professional. There is certainly a place for beards in the boardroom when maintained properly. With a beard guide for your necklines you can get the look you want without having to get a professional trim all the time. If you know someone who is starting a new job, this might be just the gift that they need!

Getting Married

Many of the gifts that are given to a married couple focus either on the bride, or the household. Give the lucky groom something! This will make those hectic first days back from the honeymoon a little easier and Beard Stencil also makes a fantastic gift for groomsmen!

No matter the occasion (or whether there’s an occasion at all), there are good reasons to give the Beard Stencil to a man in your life looking to keep his beard maintained for a fraction of the price!

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This patented Beard shaping tool is great for men looking for paper-edge precision | Beard Stencil

Man About to Use Beard Shaping Tool Beard Stencil

Beard Stencil

For men, it can be very difficult to get the beard styles that you want. Many of the newer styles require precision trimming, something that is normally best left to professionals. But what if you could just do it yourself? With Beard Stencil, that’s now an option! Instead of heading down to the barbershop for those stylish trims, you can do it yourself in the comfort of your own home. This patented tool is great for men looking for paper-edge precision, and an easy-to-use beard shaping tool. Besides this, other perks of this product include:

It Doesn’t Require a Steady Hand

That’s the most difficult part of quality, straight-edge shaving: Keeping a steady hand while you do it. Without Beard Stencil a steady hand is a necessity unless you want your facial hair to be uneven. Now, you can simply wear the beard stencil and take the guesswork out of shaving. This is especially important for the neckline, a place that can be difficult to shave evenly. A beard guide like Beard Stencil for necklines turns beard trimming into a quick job, instead of a drawn-out ordeal.

Results are Cleaner

Results are all that really matters when you’re using a product. Some don’t work well, or at all. Beard Stencil definitely works, and it works wonders. Beard Stencil is the only hand-free beard shaping tool on the market. The hands free feature allows you to use both hands, instead of having to hold a beard template in place. This leads to cleaner more even results in the end. If you want a well-maintained beard, then you’ll want a Beard Stencil to keep it in line; it will always provide a polished result!

It’s Perfect for Modern Styles!

In the days of yesteryear, the big fad when it came to beards was, indeed, big beards. The bushier, the better. Now, it isn’t quite so simple. Beards are still in style, but bushy ones have made way for carefully cut and maintain ones. Because the Beard Stencil keeps everything steady and straight, it’s a great option for those sleek, perfectly outlined beards that can be so expensive to acquire, if you go to a barber shop. So, if you want a modern look to match modern ways, this is a product to buy!

Beard Stencil is a great way for men to get the look that they want, while also saving them money and allowing them to DIY their facial hair. If you’re looking to properly shape your beard this is a product that you can’t live without.

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To watch a 5 minute informative video on how to use Beard Stencil, CLICK HERE.